NiMh in a car trunk

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Hi Everyone,
I am working on a Lo-Jack project and am now down to the point of powering my device. I was originally going to go LiPo before planning on this device being in a warm place but here in the Desert, it can get about 120F outside so the trunk I can see getting up to 150F in a bad scenario so I'm jumping ship on LiPo. So my next option after some reading is NiMh which seems to be a non-Firehazard and really what I'm going to lose is a bit of capacity in the warmer times of the season but these I can replace annually or w.e is needed. My Device itself only pulls 150~200Milliamps/h if left on so if I stack 8 In of these in Paralelle it would be more then enough of a backup battery if the power is cut. My question is, How can you tell if the chip below will allow you to use the battery power from the batteries while its charging or what would be a simple way to add a switching circuit for when the primary power is cut these batteries supply the VIN? Thanks for any pointers!

*Update* It seems if I can locate a NiMh powerbank maybe that's all I really need.,searchweb201602_2,searchweb201603_55
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