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    Nov 14, 2014
    Hello Everyone, My name is Sebastian, I am new to this message board but i do have a little electronics experience. I am hear to seek knowledge and learn while i attempt to work on my project idea. The main goal is quite simple, I would like to swap out all my car interior bulbs for brighter SMD LEDs however I have no idea how to go about tackling this. When i mean car interior bulbs, i am referring to the ones on the inside of the HVAC/Radio panels, door switches and gauge cluster circuit boards. I have a bit of information but the bits i have do not seem to get me where i want to be so i will just post a bunch of questions with hopes of someone being able to answer them. Ill start off with these...

    1. Where do i start ?

    I know most cars run everything of off the 12V DC current, someone told me that if there is a bulb on any of the circuit boards i can take voltage meter and find out what that bulbs voltage output is when its on. what is the next step after that ? can i just get the same voltage SMD LED and swap it out ? it cant be that simple can it ?

    2. SMD Resistors ?

    another person told me that i need a specific SMD LED and i have to pair it with a specific SMD Resistor.
    I know when it comes to SMD LEDs the number like 3020 or 5050 usually means the size of the LED such as 3020 being 3.0 mm by 2.0 mm, i also know there is a anode and a cathode, but that is as far as my knowledge of SMD LEDs extends. So the question is how do i select the right SMD LED for the job and how do i know what resistor to use with it ?

    3. Hot Spots, what are they ?

    another word that kept coming up is hot spots on the circuit boards. can someone tell me what that means?

    I have access to the wiring schematics for the cas but im not sure if it goes into such details as to name the components used in the circuit.

    I will post a link to a video of the look i would like to achieve to give everyone a better idea.

    the factory lighting in my car is that ugly dim snot greenish yellow but i would like it to look bright and white like in the video im posting

    thank you in advance everyone !!


  2. ISB123

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    May 21, 2014
    You will need smd led of the same size as the ones in your car.
    Resistor is determined by voltage supplied and current requirement of led.
    Those leds already have required resistor so you can just desolder the old ones and put the new ones.
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    May 3, 2013
    You have started a topic that's going to be closed because of the T&C of allowed topics in AAC. :(
    Suggest you post this in some another forum like, say, Electro Tech Forum, or the like, where you will get help. ;)