Need suggestions on what power pin to solder to this LNA and what adapter to use.

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I have this LNA, it demands a BIAS-TEE power supply of 6V - 12V, the SDR I have cannot provide that much voltage, fortunately the LNA has space to solder a power pin or two wires.


Can anyone here suggest what kind of pin I can solder or should I just solder two wires. The specifications doesn't say how many amps and watts are required, what kind of 12V power supply can I use, are there anything I can build myself?
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I have this LNA, it demands a BIAS-TEE power supply of 6V - 12V
I think that was confusing you a "biased tee power supply."
Any pin you wish to solder on the connection for the power supply or straight leads your choice. I would get a 9-volt battery using 9 volt battery connector solder the red lead to VCC and the black lead to ground directly to the pads.Or any wall wort (power supply)6 to 12 volts. and you're done.:)
I'm sure others can explain it more thorough than I to you. Do a little research on the internet. But I'm happy you came here first.