Need substitute for STB567 Stabistor - 2 diodes and capacitor ?

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Imagine you are talking to an idiot, only u don't have to imagine it.
I'm trying to repair an amplifier that has a STB-567 stabistor that bit the dust and the part is unobtanium.
I read somewhere that I could use 2 diodes and a capacitor to replace this - am guessing the capacitor is used to keep the voltage only going one direction (no reverse voltage)
The minimum voltage is 1.31
Max voltage is 1.61
could someone explain to me in terms an idiot could understand how I can do this.
Know it's sincerely appreciated


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That could work, but something more stable like an actual reference would probably be better. Also, you probably will have to calibrate the amplifier after changing this device. Can you post a schematic?


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For a long time, I studied the parameters of Russian stabistor. I found popular stabistor of the same series. Their voltages were treated as 1: 2: 3. Those. structurally they consisted of one, two or three semiconductor junction. Often in sound amplifiers, two or more diodes are used to specify the modes of output transistors. In order to save money and space on the board, you can use a stabistor.