Need some advice on a tda 2003 audio amplifier.

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Need some advice on a tda 2003 audio amplifier.

Hi I've built a mono amplifier based on this schematic:

However, when I turn on the supply (a 12v hobby supply) I either get lots of popping or humming and if I can stop that by moving things about the humming persists and the audio plays extremely quietly.

The circuit is currently set up ona breadboard without volume control as I am just prototyping it at the moment. However if I press the chip into the board, occasionally, hi amps will be pulled and melt the supply cables. Any help would be appreciated solving my problem.



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That sounds like dodgy breadbord connections, better using veroboard or pcb.. The Tda2003 is an old chip there are far better ICs than those..


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As said, building the amplifier on a breadboard might give you troubles.
The datasheet has a schematic with the PCB to it:




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1) Get rid of the breadboard. The amplifier current is too high for it and its messy wires and rows of contacts add capacitance that causes the amplifier to oscillate at a very high frequency causing even higher current. I solder all parts on a compact stripboard layout where the copper strips are cut to length with a drill bit and form most of a pcb and the parts and a few short jumper wires form the rest of a pcb.

2) The TDA2002A is obsolete and has not been made for many years.

3) The circuit is missing many important parts that are shown on the datasheet of the TDA2003A. The website you found is by amateur students (?) in India where the IC might still be available. They did not copy the circuit correctly. They even missed showing the extremely important polarity of polarized capacitors.