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I am looking for a micro controller for a BMS that I am working on. The BMS functions(monitoring,gauging,protection,etc) are taken care of by the BQ76940 and BQ78350 from Ti. I need a micro controller that can talk to the BQ78350 using SMbus. The micro controller should read the read SOC of the battery from BQ78350 make calculations for the estimated range and make calculations for the speed and distance travelled. It should also be able to interface with a LCD to display the information..
This is my first project and I am having difficulty choosing the right product from the many available choices.



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IIRC, lot of, if not all, I2C capable PIC micros (Microchip), have an option to set the levels for SMBus instead.

Two that I am sure about: 16F877A (dated one) and 18F2321.

I suggest you go straight to a parametric search in the Microchip site.


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Why not a single chip to do both .....

PSOC, example battery management project -





This is all on one chip, except RTDs and actual LCD, the last pic USB was used
for debug. Not all the chip resources used, many more. Attached is component
catalog, a component is an onchip resource.

Part also has SMBUS.

PSOC Creator, IDE and Compiler, free -

It is a drag and drop GUI interface, you then wire them up the components, onchip
and to external pins. Then use each components APIs to manage the HW used.

Board you would use, $ 10, looks like -

Regards, Dana.


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