Need help with watlow 96 PID

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    May 19, 2015
    Hi everyone !

    I purchased a watlow model 96 from eBay and have a few questions about wiring it up and programing it as I cant comprehend the manual all that well. I purchased the controller for a heat treat oven build as a replacement for a cheap pid controller. I have it set up with a k type thermocouple and 3-32volt ssr, I have the controller set to default factory setting with the proper TC selected, and output 1 set to ssr, but the controller isnt outputting voltage to the ssr, does this controller need a dc power supply for operating the ssr or is there a setting i need to configure for operating the ssr heres a link to the pdf manual 96_um_rev.g_07-05.pdf

    I have it wired like this
    pin 9 and 8 are 120 volt
    pin 6+ and 7- to the thermocouple
    pin 13- and 15+ to the ssr, The ssr works fine when checked with 12 volt dc source, when checking these pins with a multimeter and the output 1 light on i dont get any voltage