Need help with re-assembling a ganged switch (on a DBX unit but really any unit)

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Have this ganged switch in my DBX that I need to put back together. See pic. I have seen these same types of switch in receivers etc. There is a little strip metal tab that lays between the two switches. if if hold that tab down (in the center of the the strip), the switches are ganged fine. 1 pushed in pushes the other out and visa versa. But once I put back the long metal bracket (careful not to dislodge the little metal strips or to push in any switch) these no longer work. If I push on a switch it makes both switches unganged and neither will lock anymore. It's something to do with HOW that metal bracket presses on the strips, but I'm at a loss to figure it out. I'm, sure I have the strip oriented correctly. When I took off the bracket, one popped off but I made a note of the other's orientation. Plus, they don't seem to fit on any other way.

Any experts out there that have delt with these before?