Need help with Lecroy Waverunner 204xi Oscilloscope

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I have recently purchased a used 204xi- and have ran a system restore, then updated the firmware.

With that being said, I have a few questions about upgrades:

-Can the hard-drive be upgraded to an SSD? If so, could I simply image the existing drive onto the new one without too many hoops to jump through?
-Is there anything that I need to be aware-of when replacing the CMOS battery- or can I simply replace it and the scope will work as usual?
-I heard that the ram and processor can also be upgraded. Can both of these items be swapped as well without issue? What type of memory is the RAM?

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I couldn't find anything directly related to your model, but if you do a duckduckgo* search on "lecroy ssd update" you will get several discussions about this process.

*Sorry, trying to stay away from Google products...:p