need help with interactive routing in altium

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need help with interactive routing in altium

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  1. sryzdn

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    Jun 1, 2014

    I'm just a beginner user of altium designer software. For a simple circuit, I have tried interactive routing as is presented in the picture enclosed.

    The problem is, though the routing width is 0.3mm, the wire does not pass through the IC pins which have 2.54mm distance from each other and as you can see all the wires are jam packed in the left part of the ic in an ugly way.

    Where am I going wrong with this design?
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  2. Stuntman

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    Mar 28, 2011
    Routing in Altium can be cumbersome.

    Did you use the autorouter? If so, I have found it to be quite useless, producing results such as yours.

    As for interactive routing, you may want to check your design rules, most notably your clearance rule. The interactive routing uses these rules to keep you from making non-compliant layouts.

    To adjust, go to the Design menu, then select Rules... On the left you will see a tree with the different headings for rules. Expand the "design rules" and "electrical" subdirectory if they are not already. One of the rules should be "clearance". Adjust accordingly.