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  1. jmacusaf

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    Jun 11, 2014
    Hello everyone,

    I am going to try and explain my idea as simple as possible but need help with the electronics portion. I am going to be making an interactive bulletin board for my young students. The students will be able to move magnets (That look like hockey pucks) around and on the board to make it change scenes and show different information. To trigger scene changes I need a momentary infrared light to beep on the magnet puck they move around for a second which will trigger the computer to react. The magnet is really only there to make its stick to the board and should not interfere nor integrate into the circuit. On the board, I was going to put the power supply because it will allow for the light to beep when it makes contact with the magnet puck and power down when it is removed.

    so my question...

    1)I wanted the interaction to start right when they put the magnet in place and not have to push a momentary switch. I was thinking of having the Power supply on the bulliten board side and when the magnet is placed it completes the circuit. I have researched 555 timer circuits and that might work if I placed it in the magnet. However I do not want the circuit to drain the PS battery. Even though you can control the pulse of the circuit, does it still drain power?

    2. I obviously need to make the board safe. So having open contacts on the board is not a good idea. Even though i may only use a 9v battery, is there a way to make contacts between the two magnets pucks without showing the contacts?

    Maybe there is a better way to design this, but this is what my crazy mind came up with. An infrared beep is really all I need and would love it if the kids didn't have to pouch a button, just place an object.

    Thanks for all the help!
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    Apr 16, 2010
    How big is the bulletin board?
    What is the bulletin board made of?
    How thick is the bulletin board?
    How many different sections will it have?
    How big are the magnets?

    What do you mean by an infrared beep? Infrared is not sound.
  3. jmacusaf

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    Jun 11, 2014
    The bulletin board is simply a cork board covered in a burlap material. It is a traditional school one and I will cover it with a white paper. It is about 50" x 30". I will be using a projector to shoot the image to the bulletin board and using the wiimote whiteboard setup, the wiimote with its infrared camera will capture infrared pulses (not really beeps) and use it as a mouse click.

    I was thinking about putting around 6 connections scattered on the board. The kids will be able to put the magnet puck on any of these 6 "receivers". I figure these receiver will sit on top of the board and not in it or behind it.