Need help with DIY PCB toner method .Please!

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Hello I am a retired Electronics Technician and I have NO experience with this method. I used the pre sensitized pcb method over 37 years. The results were always great! Now, I had a pcb pattern photocopied from a magazine and tried the heat method with an Iron. The results were not goog only 1 try where I got 2/3 of the pattern transferred. I tried several times always bad results.So, I tried the acetone method and a catalog sheet. there again only 1 try gave only a little transfered pattern. Could some kind hearted expert help me Please! Am i not doing right? maybe I need darker printed pattern . Maybe its the paper? Thank you for eading me and I would greatly appreciate any help at all. Best Regards Mike


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maybe I need darker printed pattern . Maybe its the paper?
Show us what the pattern looked like before and after transfer. Paper makes a difference; so does toner and technique.

If you can't find the right transfer medium, they sell special material for toner transfer. I bought some inexpensively from Ali Express, but I do most of my transfers using inkjet transparencies - and not all will work.

Inkjet transparency transfer: