Need help with 2.4 ghz tr tx compatibility and use

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I'm building an Arduino based robot vehicle that can navigate on its own or be controlled via RC tr tx. I have a plan for the self navigation part, but I'm a bit confused about the RC stuff.
I have an old 2.4ghz tx controller with 4 channels made by Blitz RC, but the receiver is long gone. My gut is telling me that the controller is now trash because it must bind with its unique receiver that is now gone right??? ..... or is my gut confused.

That said, I doubt I can just buy a receiver off Ebay or whatever and make use of it in any way leaving me with only one option, to buy a cheap RC controller with a receiver and move on.

Now comes the interesting bit. To be able to control the vehicle, which is maneuvered by changing the speed on one of two DC motors that drive tank-like treads (no servos), I'll have to do a bit of hacking. I think the best way to go would to print the output from the receiver, when I manipulate the controller, to the serial monitor on the Arduino IDE. Then find a way to map that signal (I believe it should be something like PWM pulses) to a setSpeed() call that can be used to steer the vehicle.

Does all of this sound reasonable? or am I missing the big picture.