Need Help Wiring Timer Delay Using Fuji ms4sm

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Let me start by saying Im controlling a 5hp single phase motor. When the contact closes I want the motor to start running, when contact opens I want the timer to start counting down and shut the motor off at the end of the timer, However, If the contact closes within the timer countdown I want the timer to stop running and restart when the contact opens again!

I wired everything up with a NO contactor. I cannot for the life of me get this contactor to close when the above sequence happens.

Here is how I have it wired up:

Timer Set to SF-Signal Off Delay

Pin 2&10 is the power from the transformer (24v)
Contact wired to Pin 2&6
Contactor wired to Pin 1-3

I have tried every possible combination to get the contactor to close, even wiring the contactor common to pin 2

What am I missing? Or is it just late and my brain is fried?

Here is the link to the Timer im using:

Thanks for any help!