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    Feb 9, 2015
    I need help understanding how an optoisolator is seen by a circuit. The one I am working with is the NEC PS2501-4. My questions are:

    How can I calculate it's resistance and amperage?
    Will it been seen by my circuit as a resistor? So can I calculate it's resistance in series and parallel to other true resistors?
    I've tried to glean this information from the data sheet that is available but it's very confusing.

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    Oct 2, 2009
    The input side is a LED. It needs to be driven from a constant current at about 10mA. Just like as with a visible LED, in most cases, a resistor needs to be placed in series with the LED.

    The output side is a NPN transistor. It is used as a switch, usually with its emitter connected to 0V, and its collector pulled up to a positive voltage of a few Volts using a load resistor. Or it can we wired as an emitter-follower, with the load resistor between emitter and 0V.

    The Current Transfer Ratio is stated on the data sheet and is a minimum of 80%, meaning that 10mA into the LED makes 8mA at the collector of the NPN.

    Here is a lab demo of how to use an optoisolator.
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