Need help to debug Electronic Speed Controller(ESC)

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I have XM30A ESC supplies by 1300mAh 4S battery and MT1806-2280KV brushless motor.I am trying to run motor with this setup. once I supply power get beep sound. after that no motion.I tried to give 5v pulse from signal generator but no motion.
Any Idea or suggestion on this problem.
I have some points on setup:
1) Do I need to have some specific connection between ESC & motor because motor has no color coding(all 3 wires are black)
2) There Is only two wires on ESC control,yellow and yellow signal I am supplying PWM signal.because I see short between black wire with ESC input supply assumed as GND.Any difference with 3 wire control?
3)Can I supply 5v/3.3v continuously to control signal,so 100% duty cycle?
4)Does control voltage level varies with different ESC?

Once I confirm with hardware setup then I am planning to control it with Raspberry PI 2.

Thanks in advance.