Need help in wiring stereo jack

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Got stereo jack want use jack to disconnect the speaker when putting earphone into the jack.
The jack has four posts it is Amphenol brand model ACJS-MV35-3S.
Try find circuit or drawing on google how to hookup the jack run into company try selling stuff .


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This is the datasheet of what you have (find the pin out of your specific model with the 3S suffix.
with that, you can switch one thing like a power supply if it is used for power/charging for example.

Unfortunately, switching a stereo will be a challenge with this unless you have a microcontroller that senses when the single switch is disconnected.
Here is the example of plug in and plug out of what You have.
(See Figure 2 of this link

To complete your project easily, you should get the Jack on the attached datasheet above with the -5 suffix instead of the -3S suffix you have.
see figure 5 in the link (same link)

not that the jack with the -5 suffix has two switching elements (one for each stereo channel).


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The 35-3S is the same as the 35-3 but with a switch.
35-2 is simple, 1= ground, 3=signal. Headphones 1-3, signal=1-3
32-2s, the switch disconnects the speakers. Speakers from 2-1, Headphones 1-3, signal=1-3
35--3 is stereo, 1=gnd


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It sounds like you have a "3 circuit jack" with a single switch. And since the description is wanting to disconnect "a speaker"that is the correct part to use. The signal common side will connect to terminal #1 and the source will connect to terminal #3 The signal wire to the internal speaker will connect to terminal #2.