need help in eclipse to set #define

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Hello i m using eclipse IDE.
I am facing some problem. For my project i m using many source files. But at the beginning all of source file i m checking #ifdef processor.

So enable that source file and access the function i have set #define processor. So, my question is

Is it possible in eclipse to set #define processor in environment variable?
So, it will be set to all files.


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Don't know about eclipse, but it was an important feature in CodeVision. We might not have been able to specify a macro substitution, giving a list of defined variables was all. If the feature exists there should be a dialog box that lets you enter a list of "defined" variables.

EDIT: I found this on the Eclipse Community Forum

This is absolutely possible. I use it all the time. When you say you are
setting the properties, where exactly are you modifying?

You should be at Project->Properties and select C/C++ Build->Settings.
Find under Tool settings, the preprocessor -D options. Add your
FOO_DEFINED here. This will add -DFOO_DEFINED to your build script.

Or you could just add #define FOO_DEFINED to some include file and include
that file in main.cpp when you need it.


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i m not sure,
i m new to eclipse ide.
can u plz help me with this.
I haven't used Eclipse for about six years, but I remember it being in a dialog box where you could #define symbols. You could NOT do macro substitution, you could only use #ifdef and #ifndef on them. I'm sorry I can't be more help. Just start going through the dialog boxes one by one, or go to the forum for Eclipse users.