Need help finishing PLC programme on zelio

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I have tried to finish the following programme but i can't finish it. I need help as i am not very good at doing PLC programme on Zelio soft 2. I have also attached my unfinished plc programme below. I just want to finish it as i already pass due date. Any help will really appreciated.

Four inputs: NO Master switch, NO Start button, NC Stop button, NO Sensor.
1. The Start Button will only operate while the master switch is on.
2.When the Start Button is closed momentarily the following process will begin.
3.After 6 seconds the lamp will turn on.
4.The lamp will remain on until the sensor has turned on 3 times, after which the lamp will remain on for a further 3 seconds then turn off.
5.Step 3 and 4 will repeat indefinitely until the master switch is turned off, or the Stop button is opened momentarily.
6.If the Master switch is opened after the start of the process, it will remain running until the end of the cycle.
7.Anytime the Stop button is opened the process with stop immediately and beable to start again from the begining (1) with out zelio being turned off from the run cycle.