Need help: Colour sensor triggering oscillator circuit

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    Hi there,

    first off, I am new to all of this. I am trying to build a little device that converts light of different colours into music. The idea is to have a light shine on a colour sensor that's placed in a dark tube and the light being interrupted rhythmically by rotors with translucent 'blades' in various colours. The light sensor should be connected to a circuit and depending on the colour that hits the sensor, should trigger one or more of an array of little 'oscillator circuits' (not quite, see below).

    I can post a picture of the device in case my explanation didn't help.

    Either way, the device isn't the problem. My problem ist that I have not found a way to make the colour sensor work. I have no history in electronics so my knowledge goes as far as the descriptions in the Nicholas Collins book 'Hardware Hacking' <Link to copyright protected book removed by moderator>i f you are not familiar with it).

    I would like to trigger a circuit with the Hex Schmitt trigger chip 74C14 (as he describes in chapter 18) with this colour sensor diode:
    not precisely a matter of choice, frankly because it is the only one I can buy here.

    my question is thus, is it at all possible, and how?

    I have tried to read the spec sheet good as I can, but honestly I have no clue what I am doing. :sorry:

    The way I put it together for myself is like this (see image), but it doesn't work, I thought maybe the diode doesn't output enough voltage to power the chip? Do I need a transistor? Do I need to wire it differently? Can I run a 9V battery through the colour sensor at all? Does it not react to light from a flashlight shone through a colour filter?

    Any nudge in the right direction is much appreciated.

    Many thanks!
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    Oct 11, 2016
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    Your schematic does not show what the three chips are. If they are 74C14's, then the circuit has little chance of working. A photodiode is a strange beast, and cannot drive a logic gate directly without some help, let alone drive its power input pin. If you are trying to use each diode to gate on and off an oscillator, change to a CD4093. This is a schmitt trigger NAND gate, so the same R-C oscillator will work and each diode connects to the other gate input pin with a biasing resistor.

    If the moderators will allow it, redraw the schematic from the book and post the sketch. Without a clear indication of what your circuit is, we're stuck.

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    Taking it one step at a time ... color sensitive sensors.
    A colored LED can be used as a sensor for that color. Shining light on a diode generates a small voltage. The plastic lens acts as a filter. So the sensor might consist of a bunch of LEDs of different colors. Expose it to light and note the voltage pattern you get. microcontroller with an analog input and an analog multiplexer.
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    Hi guys, thanks for the replies, will get back soon. Best,