Need Help Automating Paging & Alarm Triggers on a Whole Home Audio Amplifier

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I need some help with some automation.

I have a Monoprice whole home audio unit 6x6 matrix. 6 zone 6 source. Speakers in each room of the home for music. Each zone can control what source they want to listen to. The unit also has a PA input (RCA) and a PA Input 12V Trigger Input as shown in the diagram below. I am trying to automate two functions but am a bit confused how it will actually be done.

1. I want to use a wireless microphone to send paging notices to all zones using the 1/PA RCA source input and the PA 12Vdc input paging trigger.
(So when i turn on the wireless mic the unit senses that "oh hey" the paging mics on and automatically switches all zones to PA source input and then once i turn off the mic it goes back to normal)

2. I also want to use an echo dot (or some other device) to play alarm announcements automatically at several times during the day through this unit. For example at 5am play audio 1, 2pm audio 2, 6pm audio 3 etc. Like a set routine that automatically comes on and goes away once the announcement is done. Again i want to use the PA input source and the PA 12vdc trigger inputs to achieve this. The echo dot I believe has an AUX 3.5mm output.

I have a few ideas like using a mixer and some form of an audio signal relay switch sensor such as

I'm just really confused how to do this and if it will all work. I'm assuming there must be an easier way which you lovely experts can point me towards.

Thanks in advance