Need cheap OTS BLDC Motor Controller for 40V Kobalt Mower

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Joined Aug 12, 2023
I have a Kobalt 40V Mower with a blown motor controller.

As best I can find, Kobalt does not sell a replacement controller, so I am looking for something off the shelf that will work.
I already bought a $10 BLDC controller off eBay just to play with. (see below) Got it wired up and working fine. Only problem is, by design, this particular controller limits the motor to 60% of max speed, which is not acceptable. (I knew this in advance, but just wanted to see if I could get all to work)

I have scoured Amazon and eBay, but all I am finding is many sources for the exact same controller as I have, OR, an eBike controller that has a crap load of wires/functions that I don't need. I also found a YouTube where a guy wired up an RC Controller, but it cost $269.

SO, my ask is... Can anyone point me in the direction of a source where I can find a simple 800 Watt, 40 V BLDC (no Hall) Controller that will run this mower at max speed?
Also would appreciate any other suggestions for an under $20 OTS solution.

What I already have ==>