Making cheap stereo. Do i need ground?

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Hi, i just bought a cheap amplifier board from ebay, and a power supply (24v). After connecting the wires i started wondering if i need to connect the earth cable. My power input cable has only two wires, and no ground, but the power supply have a ground input.


The power supply looks almost like this in the front (sorry did not take pictures before i closed the box). I connected only to N and L, but not ground.

Do i need to have ground connected, is there some chance of danger if i do not connect it? Many of my wall sockets does not have ground in them


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I seem to recall Norway has mainly 220v L & N but rarely grounded sockets, If using it this way , I would ensure the whole system is enclosed in a non metallic enclosure.


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Your power supply isn't double insulated and includes an earth connection that should be connected.

However I see there are Type C (No earth) and Type F (Earth available) sockets in use in Norway. Connect the earth if you can or follow the advice of Max.

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Alright, thank you!

There are some knobs on the amp board which are made of metal, and the speaker connectors, otherwise the enclosure is made of mdf wood material. Perhaps i should attempt to cover up some of it with some epoxy silicone like sugru, to protect me.