Need advice -How to archive Apple email?

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I need advice on how to archive my Apple Emails? I know it's an unrelated question to ask but I haven't found any solution for this. However on the web there are many solutions available such as to hire an expert or to use different tools. If anyone here archive their mails please advise me some method to archive emails.


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In Mail, you'll see an "Archive" option listed under Mailboxes. Inside of that option there will be a folder for each account you have hooked to Mail. Any active email can be archived into its appropriate box by clicking the "Archive" button in the upper left area of the toolbar, next to the "Junk" and "Trash" buttons.

It's all about how long before they get deleted. Emails sent to the Trash get deleted fairly soon (user-defined, I think). Those in Junk hang around longer. The archived ones are never deleted by Mail, only the user can touch them.


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Don't hire any expert to archive your mails as it is costly. If you didn't have any success with the help of manual methods then you can go for any offline tool.