Need advice for final project Sorting Machine.

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Hello fellas,

Our group is aiming to make a Sorting Machine that can recognize the size/edges of the product.

Can anyone guide us? Thank you so much.

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Thanks for your attention. ;)

Ok here is our plan.
1. We are planning to have a microcontroller like Arduino, Raspberry Pi.
2. We want to seprate only two product the Hexagon & Circle.
3. From feeder the product will pass through slant narrow and go to the rounding table.
4. In rounding table where we want to place sensors or any that can determine/recognize the shape of the product.
5. And lastly it will now separate the product.

Hope you can guide/help us to our project. Thanks a lot.
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Industrial sorting machines for grains, fruit, rock ore and other materials use machine vision cameras to recognize the desired objects.

They often drop the stuff down a slanted chute, with a linear array of controlled air jets at the bottom, these deflect the rejects to a different bin.

Your system will be slower, (cheaper) you can use a simpler mechanical sorting mechanism that allows your slow cheap computer to find the right shape and sort it in time.