Name for telephone wire ?

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The old POTS sturdy single pair wire coming from the pole to a dwelling was, decades ago, solid AWG 18 with a thick real? rubber sheating, stiffer with poor flexibility, very weatherproof and silverish-copperish color conductor. Is such still available and what specifications name to order it ?
It is not the pure? copper AWG 24 running indoors as red-green-yellow-black.
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For the external telephone connection, as described above by those who know what you mean, the description is "telephone drop wire" or "telephone drop cable", followed by either "single pair" "two pair" or "Four pair", depending on your requirements. A caution is that there is a very similar looking product that has two fiber optic cables inside, that are as stiff as the hard-drawn copper wire or the copper covered steel wire. But they simply do not work for an electrical phone hookup. The fiber optic stuff can not be spliced without the splice connectors and expensive tools.