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hi d80,
Welcome to AAC.
One thing that I would say is missing is any signs of bench work activity.. ;)

A point about accessibility of the component drawers [ left side], it must be a pain to get components from the higher drawers, with a bench that wide.
Also where is the solder station and bench anti static mat/s

What are your projects of interest.?



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Too clean. I wouldn't DARE show you what MY bench looks like. Breaking down old hard drives, LED lightbulb power module, oxygen generator, breadboard wiring kit, couple spools of solder, pill bottles full of screws and other hardware, phone charger, batteries, drill bits, camera, a dishwasher motor, inspection eye loops, relays, water softener timer control board, memory sticks - and that's about 20% of the full content. Certainly not organized like yours is. Impressive. But too clean.

They say a clean workbench is the sign of a sick mind. Looking at my bench - I'm a friggen' genius!


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You guys are making me feel really good right now. Yeah, after cleaning my bench all day, it takes about a day or two to make it as bad as it was before I cleaned it.

I hesitate to say "Only I can lay down a tool in front of me and not find it a minute later." I hesitate because I'm thinking someone else out here must be experiencing the same thing. The other day, while disassembling hard drives, I was collecting hardware into a number of pill bottles. The next day I couldn't find those bottles ANYWHERE! Then a few hours later - oh, here they are, right in front of me. I must have picked them up to look behind them half a dozen times without ever noticing I had what I was looking for all the time.

Maybe my "mind" is not so healthy after all.


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Don't pay them any attention db80. It's the Lamborghini effect.
Someone pulls up in one and this is the same thing that happens.
I like it! Some people are just neat. They all wish theirs looked like this.
dl324 said:
I do most of my breadboarding on the coffee table. I have more room and can lay down when I need a break.
You nap on your coffee table?


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Yep - way too clean... mine is currently a mess - as always.

It's not the look of the car - it's what's under the hood.