MT3608 and Powerbank weird behaviour

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Hello everyone,
Im currently working on a small LED-Strip Panel. Im using an MT3608 DC-DC Step Up to convert my 5V from an USB powerbank to 12V in order to Power the LEDs. The LEDs draw around 0.7 amps. However, the powerbank wont stay turned on and if I connect the micro USB cable from the powerbank to the step up module, there is a weird buzzing/high pitch noise. If I'm using a different powerbank there are no problems at all. The powerbank is rated for an output of 1 Amp.


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0.7A at 12V is 8.4W so the input to the step-up must be at least 8.4W even if it is 100% efficient. 8.4W at 5V is 1.68A and this is well above the 1A rating of the powerbank.