Is b6287x and mt3608 the same parts?


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First sorry for my bad english. I have a flight controller board and the b6287x is not good i want to change it but cannot find it in my country when i try to write b6287 in google i found mt3608 are they same parts can ı use it?
Download both datasheets and compare them.


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trace out the circuit around the chip, or post hi-res close-up pictures of both sides of the PCB so we can see...


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What kind of a flight controller are we talking about. I hope you're not considering putting lives at risk on the assumption you can find a suitable replacement.


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it's a drone fc beecore vtx 1.0 :/
Whew! That's a relief. There was a fellow here some years ago (Dextermccoy) that was messing around with real autopilots, without having a clue about what he was doing, either in electronics or flight mechanics. Very dangerous business.
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