msp430g2333 datasheet question, Information Memory

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Hi guys

I need to store 3 bytes of data into the information memory of a msp430g2333. I have went through the datasheet and family user's guild. I can only find some information about information memory segment A, which contains the calibration data.

But I can't find anything about segment B, C, D. Can I assume those are free for us to use?

Any advice and pointer is appreciated.

MSP430G2333 info page

PS: those 3 bytes only need to be rewrite a few times.


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MSP430G2x33 family has 256 bytes of data memory in flash memory from locations 0x1000 to 0x10FF.
The first 64 bytes (segment A) are write/erase protected.
You have segments B, C, D at your disposal.
You can program a single bit to 0. However, to erase a bit to 1 you have to erase the entire segment (64 bytes).