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Hi all Newbie here , need some help and guidance on this motor from a paper shredder please The motor is fine and works well but the issue has been the board
I have removed the board but now need to ascertain how to get this motor to work in clockwise and anti clockwise Can you help please The motor is 240v so no issues there Any ideas please?



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There are seven wires. I would expect:
two wires for the field winding
two wires for the rotor winding - connected to the brushes.

I can see what looks like a high temperature cut-out or fuse from the yellow wire to possibly the blue wire?
That leaves one extra wire. Is one wire connected to the metal frame of the motor for a safety earth.

If you have a multimeter, use the ohms ranges:
Check for a wire connected to the frame of the motor.
Measure the resistance between all the other wires to each other so we can deduce where they are connected.


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Looks like a Universal Motor, two wire for the brushes, and four for the field windings, they all need to be put in series correctly for rotation,..
to reverse it simply reverse the brush wires.

Start by metering out the field windings and the brushes should be obvious, the Yellow looks like a thermal fuse.


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I have a broken one and I just investigated. It is indeed series wound but it is no help for TS. My motor has just 4 wires, 2 field, and 2 rotor. The thermal cutout is in series with the field winding on the motor.


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I would not think that there is 4 conductors brought out for the two fields as there is no need but to just leave them permanently conected in series and just reverse one pair, armature or field.
A little reverse engineering should show all the connections though.