Motor Controller MC-2000 - all LEDs off

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Happy New Year to everyone!

i figured since there have been some members already talking about the MC-2000 controller I may ask for some help.

So I my uncle called to check his Threatmill which stopped working partly.
Basically it working fine meaning its display, logics and vertical motor etc.
However when I increased the running speed the belt would not move at all.
I opened up the covers and found the MC-2000 board complete off. Meaning no LED was on even though the AC 230 V was connected to the board (measured the voltage).

Do you folks have any idea what the reason could be? Could the varistor (MOV) be damaged so the board can not power up?
I have included two pictures.

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That looks like the last of the SCR bridge versions before the MC2100 PWM versions.
I suspect the older MC-60 ver of the schematic is not going to be very close.
It sounds like a HV problem so it should be relatively simple to trace by voltmeter where the 'dead' sections start.


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Only the MC-60, here and elsewhere.
I have never seen one for the MC2000.
Some of the principles should be the same as the MC-60. SCR bridge etc.