motor controller for paint gun modification

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I have one of these off ebay for £4 and it controls the speed of my turbine paint gun which is a cheap sprayer. With this I can control the output of the gun nicely, no over spray or mess. However, It does not completely slow the motor to an almost stop. There is a small blue trim pot and I thought that maybe either removing/shorting it that I could go from nothing to full on. Is this possible, I don't want to damage the item and have to buy another and it would be great if I could control the turbine completely. Then I could modify the gun to act as an airbrush as well.
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2000W AC 50-220V 25A Adjustable Motor Speed Controller Voltage Regulator PWM
-Input supply voltage: 110V ~ 250V AC
-The output voltage:50V-250V (Output voltage <= Input supply voltage)
-The maximum output power: 2000W
-The maximum output current :25A
-The voltage regulating range: 50V-250V AC (Output voltage <= Input supply voltage)
-The operation environment temperature:-20℃-40℃


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Bad idea!! Slowing the AC motor to a stop will lead to lots of heating and overheating. And slowing a paint spraer down to a dribble does not sound like a good choice. Use an off/on trigger switch.