Mosfet IRF740 Overheats

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The resistance of the wire in the coil and its connections plus the Mosfet drive circuit and the supply voltage determine the coil's current.
Why not buy a genuine Mosfet from a REAL electronic parts distributor instead of possibly a fake or defective one from Amazon??

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This is a huge world and I do not know where you are.
I buy genuine electronic parts from Digikey.
I avoid Amazon and all the Chinese places like ebay, Alibaba and Banggood.

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I’m in the US, will order from Digikey or Jameco electronics .

thanks for all your help!
Can’t wait to start the new project .
I leaned a whole lot .

thanks again and a happy new year to all!

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One more question,
If you where building this device based on the attached schematic what would you change besides the Mosfet 740 and what gauge wire would you use ?
Thanks again Ed
I do not know what frequencies are used or how much magnetic energy you need.
The wire gauge depends on the resistance per length required.
Is it for mending broken bones that do not heal?
The signal generator should have 10V/100mA pulses that yours does not.