Mosfet high side ringing


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Such ringing is usually addressed with a snubber and/or by adding resistance between the gate driver and gate.
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It could be caused by a number of things. If you show a diagram of your circuit and let us know what the load is, we may be able to identify the cause.


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I actually used once. But, somehow it increased the distortion/ringings.
Then they were connected wrong.
A properly used decoupling capacitor will not make the circuit performance worse.

Do you have a ground plane or high quality ground for the circuit?
How is the circuit fabricated?
If it's on a plug-in or poorly laid out breadboard, then you can have the problems you see.
A careful layout and ground configuration is needed for such a high-current, high-frequency circuit.

For such a circuit, the circuit design is only half the task.
The other half is proper layout and fabrication.