Mosfet Driver getting heated up

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    Nov 27, 2015
    I am trying to make a 3phase mosfet driver for motor.But i only need the low input signals from mosfet driver as high input signals are provided by separate controller.

    I am using

    HCPL-250L Optocoupler : which will take Vcc of 5V and input signal of 12V which is connect in series with a resistor of 570Ohms.

    Mosfet IRFP4468PbF (,d.d2s) : which has a resistor connected of 0.18ohms and has input of 12V

    Mosfet Driver HIP4086 (,d.d2s) : Which has RDEL of 10Kohms. no bootstrap connect. Vdd of 12V.

    The problem: While doing ym first test, I got output from driver of 12V which was perfect. But after a while, doing my second test the mosfet driver gave output of 2.5V and started to heat up. So now i am confuse what went wrong?

    • Shoudl i include a bootstrap to have floating voltage?
    • change the resistor value which is connected to mosfet?
    • Change RDEL value?
    I am not very good in electronic so any kind of help would be good.

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    Can you post a schematic (hand-drawn if necessary) of your complete circuit?