Monitor power supply repairable?

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I've got an old samsung 2493hm 1080p monitor that has nothing wrong but the power supply became intermittent. First it took 30 secs to turn on then it took minutes then 20 minutes then stopped even lighting the on led and stopped turning on at all.

I broke open the monitor and found the power supply unit and see there are some fuses and a capacitor that might have some leakage.

I was hoping someone could advise on the likely cause and help me understand if it might be fixable with soldering iron or I need to bit it anyway.



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You may find a close enough replacement in some junked power supply. If the voltage rating is high enough, capacitance is in the ballpark, and it's a low-ESR type and preferably name brand, give it a try.


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A great number of the faults in TVs and monitors are just the power supply electros drying out.
"Dead" TVs and monitors can be picked up for nothing, like the 140cm JVC TV I have here. There were 3 dried out electrolytic caps in the power supply.
It is a good idea to measure them all, both the capacitance and ESR if you can.
Another fault that can be there too is , as the caps loose their value, more spikes appear on the supply rails and these spikes can damage other parts.
But, mostly, just the caps are the problem and replacing them with low ESR ones will restore the device to life again.
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