Monarch SA 800 volume control


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Yes if it's the same resistance Log pot, the tapped connection is for the Loudness button to put a capacitor to ground..
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The power amplifier is powered by two supply rails. One is positive 43 volts with respect to ground . The other is negative 43 volts with respect to ground. Think about a graph of a sine wave. If we say the sine wave is 100 volts RMS then the positive crest will be + 141 volts and the negative crest will be - 141 volts. So to amplify a signal to this level you this level the output stage of the amplifier would need DC power supplies of at least a little bit greater than +141 volts and - 141 volts. It can be done with a single supply of a bit greater than 282 volts but you need to learn a bit about electricity before we try to explain that to you. In the case of your amplifier the positive rail is connected to pin 2 of the device and the negative rail to pin 3. The common (Zero volt) rail from the power supply is connected to pin 6 of the device. You should start a new thread with the question about the center tapped potentiometer as having two unrelated topics in the same thread will get very confusing. You should also make an effort to find the schematic for the unit that the potentiometer came from so we can see what the tap is used for.



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I have a question. For monarch sa 800 volume controller.
I need to replace 8 pins dual pot.
I can only buy 6 pins.
Can I replace it?
If so how to connect it?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

How does this question relate to the previous thread about a totally different problem with a different piece of equipment???? AND, you give no context at all about what the pot is used for, and so there is no way that an accurate answer can be given. In addition, if the pot was just noisy it could have been cleaned, but after disassembling it, probably not. And from the photo it is clear that it is not just a loudness control, and so it is not likely that you will ever find a replacement. And a regular audio volume control will certainly not work correctly.