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I'm trying to find some literature/books/detailed service manuals for modern household appliances (microcontroller/microprocessor based), but I can't find any, there is nothing specific.
It would be great somebody to post some good books or detailed service manual for modern household appliances, like vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, iron, range, etc...


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I have had good luck by googling for the service manual using the make and model number. You can also check the various on-line appliance parts stores like Sears Parts Direct or Appliance Parts Depot. Both of those have views from the various service manuals. You probably won't find super detailed schematics or source listings, though. Controllers are generally swapped out.
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microcontroller/microprocessor based
We do have a Forum called, "Technical Repair" but as I see it, the main purpose of installing a $2 microprocessor in a $300 appliance is to make the appliance un-repairable. You couldn't get the source code out of the manufacturer if you chained him to a wall and beat him with a chair leg. You can get enough drawings to check the peripherals. Half the time, the MPU will check the peripherals for you!:eek: But the brain is a big secret. Buy the whole board or put it in the scrap metal pile.:(