Mobility scooter electronics problem

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Hi guys been a member for a while just reading post I class myself knowing a bit about electronics as I've been repairing computers for years component level not just changing psu. Sorry it was just little about myself last year I became disabled and bought my self a mobility scooter a pride colt plus run fine until last week it just died so after getting it home I decided to run some tests batterys was okay power going into breaker and coming out so upto fuse box again power in and out then upto a rubber molded circuit board voltage regulator board incased in rubber for heat sink power going in but nothing coming after testing the circuit I find that and 3 leg regulator was gone so I manged to remove enough rubber to remove it and order a replacement. I got one and replaced it and great powered it up and fine put all astics back together on colum turned it back on and dead so know there is no power going to regulator board. So power is okay from batterys to breaker but nothing coming out even when reset so bought new breaker fitted that now there is power going to regulator and coming out but I presume it goes to the motors but control panel is dead no lights no power after power regulator or they call them tiller controller. So I think I have to remove all the body and look at wiring but was wondering if anybody had any ideas or wiring diagram so I can follow the wiring for continuity to see if there is any damage I am asking before I start removing body work as I am disabled and takes me while to do things.
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Since this is your first post... Welcome to AAC!

Not to pry, but are you on Medicare/Medicaid due to your disability? If you are and you have a doctor certified disability that makes you require a mobility scooter, they'll pay for (some or all of) a scooter. I've seen commercials in the past advertising no out of pocket expense, but not recently because I don't watch much broadcast/cable TV these days.