Mixed Signal Simulation Problem

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Dear All,

Hope you all are doing well with good health. Here i would like t ask for one favor that i am going to design RF Transmitter at frequency of 8.2 MHz, which will be used for RFID application (i.e Electronic Article Surveillance system). For designing purpose i used Altium Designer 16.0 , schematic is ready but we are also interested to simulate this circuit in Altium Designer. For mixed signal simulation we used this software. But during simulation i am facing some problems, that's why i asked for favor from all of you. The main problem is some SPICE model files are missing or not available in libraries. i try to find but unfortunately didn't succeed. so what can i do in this situation ... i am much worried about this, and i have required to finish this task as early as possible. I have found .ibis Models but those are use less, for mixed signal simulation purpose SPICE is mandatory, kindly suggest me how can i do mixed signal simulation ......

Anxiously waiting for your kind and quick response...

With Humble Regards
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