Mini tesla coil is not working

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Looks like OP booked? I hate it when that happens and I say it happens way too often! Cuz of lying Youtube, etc confusing newbies so they don't know who to believe or what to think:(!

@buiquangdinh If you read this plz speak up cuz I totally promise none of us are insisting that u take just our word for anything! We're totally happy to direct you to references and resources! So if you want we can help you with design advice too:)!
Sorry all @@. I'm done with slayer exciter. Thanks for your advice. I'm just searching something more like tesla coil actually.


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I was just going through the thread and the comment about an "RF burn" got my attention. I once got a small RF burn across part of my finger tip when I touched a resistor to see if it was hot. The arc across my finger tip smoked a small patch almost instantly. It was very educational indeed. That was back in 1964, and the memory is quite clear today! Some lessons stay with us very well.

A real Tesla coil would take more effort to assemble than what we saw in the picture, but a working version would be an exciting thing indeed. An exciting alternative would be an electric fence charging device built using an older style automotive ignition coil to deliver the high voltage. I saw one of those delivering noisy sparks over an inch long. It was definitely not a harmless toy, but certainly impressive. BUT getting that high voltage coil may not be so easy in some areas of the world.