mini pillar function?

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Hello guys I hope you fine.

yesterday there was an electrician near my house checking the near by mini pillar. He said that the voltage that comes out of the transformer which is 110/220 V- enters the mini pillar and it outputs maximum 1000 A serving five customers each customer can get 200 Amps ideally.
My question is, how can it output 1000 A does it has a transformer or the current corresponding to the transformer is 1000 A.
The other thing is what is the function of these white fuses and why there are five three of them in a column ??

please see the figure attached.

Notice that the ratings are according to my region.


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It looks like a three phase panel to me? Look it up. The 200A fuses going across in rows are all connected to the same phase and brought out at the bottom. The main three phase feed comes in on the right along with a black neutral and is split into 5 sets at the bottom each with its own 200A fuse.

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Yes. I agree with you paul. I also found the three phase panel over here. The white fuses will help you in effective electrical enclosure to provide electrical services for low voltage electrical distribution applications.