Microwave CW Beacon

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Does anyone know if there are any transmitted unmodulated (CW) Microwave beacon signals available in the UK which are locked to GPS so that frequency stability and accuracy is very good and I could possibly use with a suitable antenna to check the performance with regard to frequency accuracy of my RF spectrum analyser.


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I am aware of CW propagation beacons in the 6M band (50.0-54.0 MHz.). These beacons typically have an output power of 3-5 watts which is more than sufficient if propagation conditions are favorable. They are less common on higher frequency bands for two main reasons:
  1. Omni-directional radiators at high frequency are less efficient than their directional cousins
  2. It is difficult to generate power levels that will propagate any great distance as you go up in frequency.
I think the DX record for 403 GHz. is on the order of 1.42 km.