Microtherm thermal Switch

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    Aug 23, 2014
    Hello folks,

    I'm using a Microtherm R20 thermal switch. I have found the datasheet online but I have some questions regarding its function.

    I set the switch off earlier today but it is still running in temperatures that I know are much lower than its threshold temp. I see, according to the datasheet, that it is a automatic function. But I cant decipher through all the technical jargon how long this component is supposed to stay closed. I see that there is a line that reads, "feature of automatic action> 1.B,2.B." Does anyone know what the 1.B and 2.B mean? I have searched but was not able to dig for it.

    Link to datasheet: http://www.microtherm.de/upload/mediapool/R23_33.pdf