Microchips package surface partially melted. Do you recognize the model? It is a temperature/humidity sensor.

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to find out the model of the two chips on a temperature/humidity sensor.

As you can see the surface of the chips have partially melted.

I think I found the model of one of them (the long-one with 14 pin): ICM7556. I found this link to a datasheet

But I can't find out the other one (the square-one with 16 pin). The reference seems to be "TH8036 0521 G1" or maybe "IH8036 0521 G1".
I don't recognize the manufacturer logo either.

I've attached photos of the sensor. I did my best to make the character appear as clearly as possible...

Does it look familiar to you? Do you know what manufacturer/model it is by any chance?



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The chip logo is IST AG (Innovative Sensor Technology) Switzerland.
It is based on an 8036 MCU and you are not likely going to be able to purchase a replacement chip.


LinPicco is a complete temperature/humidity sensor. There are different versions, A01, A05, A0545, A420. You need to find out which version you have. Google LinPicco.

Here is the datasheet.

There are various sources in Europe, for example:


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Some of what you see could just be a heavy conformal coating, Does the device work? You don't say.
Hi jpanhalt

Yes it could be, I didn't thought of that.

I'm trying to make it work, but I'm not sure it does..

(I would like to connect it on an FPGA (Altera/intel Cyclone 2 or 10) to learn VHDL and understand how I2C works.)

I'll keep you updated.