Micro-B Cable 3.0 Cable Wiring Question

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Ok, I am building a Mycloud Server using a Raspberry 3.0 and an external hard drive that has a Micro-B Cable 3.0 cable. I have decided to tidy my setup by cutting the cables down to 8 inches. No problems on all the other cables but on the Micro-B Cable I am stymied. I have the usual color wires, red, black, green, white and I have just stripped them down and attached color to color.. but this cable has 2 extra wires and they are the same color. They look to be silver with white stripping. Now, I know how to match wires.. but how do I match two identical wires. Here is a picture. If anyone has any ideas, please.. I have tried to search on the net.. but cannot find an answer.





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Those two foil covered wires each contain two separate wires making four wires in all, plus the foil shield. all these need to be connected separately.