Meta-polling and shaving barbers...

Do you ever answer polls on AAC?

  • Yes, occasionally.

  • No, I never have and never will.

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On a related note, did you know that fully 34% of people will never be aggregated into any sort of statistical grouping?

I found this surprising.


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I love this poll. I assume the answer to this poll is total views minus total votes equal the real "no" and total votes (yeas and no) equal the real "yes". And we can further assume that everyone that voltes "no" on this poll is now a liar.
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Do I answer polls?

Some yes and most no. On AAC yes but generally speaking no. Telephone polls I just do not take at all.



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Who would take telephone poles?
My best guess, and only a guess, would be the same people who answer the questions of pollsters on a street corner. Taking telephone poles you need to be very careful because they are hard to get out of the ground and they are very heavy. Oh wait, those are telephone poles. Just belay that. :)



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When asked this,
"Do you ever answer polls on AAC?"
and they answer this,
"No, I never have and never will"
Pretty much just became a liar as soon as they clicked that answer because they took a poll.
Which is EXACTLY what I said. Hence, I cannot fathom why you felt a need to comment. Kind of makes you look, errr, well…