Messy LT Spice Schematics and Sharing: Advice Needed

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    Jul 25, 2015
    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any tricks for converting a big messy LT Spice schematic with several .subckt dependencies into a folder such that anyone downloading this file can run it without having to fiddle with the dependencies? This particular schematic is the result of a 2-3 month project, and contains three subcircuits. One for the TI LF353 op amp, which I downloaded from the TI website, one I made for Intersil's ICL8038 (excluding sine output), and another I made for MiniCircuit's SRA-3MH mixer.

    If I put the subcircuit netlists in the same folder as the schematic and write .inc directives for each, will someone downloading this folder have to recreate the subcircuit symbols before running? Do I have to include both netlist and symbol separately? If I also need to include a text file for a PWL voltage source, do I need to .inc it too, or is leaving it in the same folder as the schematic sufficient? It would really help if someone could explain the chain of events set off by an .inc statement and/or what kind of files need them (or just point me in the right direction).

    I uploaded netlists for the subcircuits as .txt files, the corresponding symbols, the PWL file, and the schematic. I wouldn't bother trying to make it run if I were you. I recently tried to "improve" my SRA-3MH subcircuit and have since been getting floating node errors on node 10 in one of the LF353s. My guess is that there's some some foul play between the coupled inductors at the SRA-3MH LO input and the LF353, but I haven't really gotten anywhere with that theory. Don't suppose anyone knows what's up. I can always revert to my previous subcircuit, which was just a mathematical switching mixer with an attenuation equal to the nominal conversion loss.

    P.S.: General LT Spice feedback on these is always welcome and much appreciated.