"Memory Out of Bounds or Read Error" for programming ARM cortex M7

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Hello, I've had my first pcb made to help me to learn how to program an arm mcu. The pcb is a breakout board the should be compatible with three different MCUs (ARM M7, ARM M0 and ATUCL3U). The one I am currently concerned with is the ARM M7 (specifically ATSAMS70J21).

I have a program that I've written in atmel studios 7 which doesn't give me any errors from the compiler, but when I go to look at the disassembler, I see that every line has "Memory Out of Bounds or Read Error".
I'm not sure why this happens.

The j-link recognizes the chip from j-link commander.

I've included the Atmel Studio project files, the layout and a screen capture of the error.
The program is supposed to toggle an output pin every second or so via the real time timer interrupt which was adapted from an atmel example project.

I'm using the segger J-link EDU version and programming via SWD.
The j link is connected as follows: Even pins are all connected to the same ground.
Jlink pin MCU pin
1 46 - pulldown
3 NC
5 35 - pullup
7 39 - pullup
11 47
13 36
15 21
17 NC
19 NC

The design files are attached in the zip as is the atmel studio project.

Please let me know if there's any missing info.